Coculo Terenzio and Sons manufactures irrigation systems of each type for each extension and coverage.
Our professionalism in the field, leads us to evaluate every important aspect for the correct construction of a plant watering, for example:

  • Criteria related to the area, the vegetation (existing or to be planted) and to this type of user
  • Exposure
  • Altimetry
  • Land Features
  • Architectural or Natural Obstacles
  • Size of the areas or flower bed

Besides the classical above ground irrigation (static and dynamic sprinklers, drip etc), our company is able to realize advanced systems of sub irrigation, where the presence of completely underground water pipes leads to the following, and not negligible, advantages:

  • No material exposed
  • Inability to vandalism or actions of people not involved in the maintenance
  • Watering targeted for each clod planted
  • Low percentage of incidence for extraordinary maintenance costs
  • Unnecessary waste of water and consequent preservation of the resource
  • No wetting of areas not intended for irrigation (driveways, parking lots, roads)

With the help of our specialized and technical and mechanical means operators of our knowledge, we are ready to meet every need ... ..why not just have to contact us!