Our History

The Company Coculo Terenzio was founded in 1958.

The Company Coculo Terenzio was founded in 1958. The primary activity is the forest industry, cutting of forests of chestnut production of materials for agriculture, civil building site, and production of wood for furniture. The need to expand its activities in 1968 to manage the port transport in northern Italy for the distribution of fuel on behalf of Gulf Oil Corporation for the regions of Lombardy - Emilia-Veneto-Piedmont Kiloliter with a fleet of 20 units. In 1977, since that was not the most well-remunerated activities, we decided to sell the machines to the Oil Company. Always the need to acquire new job in the same year the company is registered in the Italian National Constructors in the category S and G2 and 11 we starts, while maintaining the primary purpose, to work on behalf of the Managing public sector environment, construction of the green areas, rehabilitation of tree-lined roads, etc.. The effort to promote this sector is rewarded, the development is immediate and the company in a very short time has gained a good market share. In fact, through participation in regular tenders in the period that goes from 1980 our day we won numerous and important projects, acquiring at the same time a lot of expertise in the field. The quality of our procedures is checked periodically by the organs of expertise, providing our customers with the highest standards of respect that have characterized our business