This combination forms the pivot on which our company policy: enhancing urban spaces in order to facilitate the socialization and thus the quality of life.
The great adaptability to different urban contexts of these products represents one of the main strengths.

Concrete Urban Stories

Bellitalia s.r.l is the most established, dynamic and original italian company operating in the field of urban concrete and marble aggregates.
The company was born in the ‘60s as a leader in the field of precast concrete new challenges have allowed the company to constantly evolve and it has quickly developed a widespread distribution within the italian territory.
During the ‘80s bellitalia® committed to grow in the urban furnishings sector, thanks to a restructuring of the organisation and production, which was destined to change the face of the company.
The debut of the first collection entirely dedicated to furniture in urban centers became the famous classic line, still recognisable worldwide in the planters’ famous shape and in the unmistakable copper band, on concrete bollards, on benches, on litter bins, on bicycle racks and on tree grids.

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Concrete Bellitalia

Bellitalia Tricatalogo


The success of Bellitalia was decreed by the desire to transform simple accessories for street furniture in products of sophisticated design that had the goal of being functional and at the same time enhancing the city.
Great value it was given to the "space factor ", true protagonist of modern urban centers.

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Urban Environmental Hygiene

BELLITALIA LTD proposes a category of items which the specific solutions to problems related to the Urban Hygiene Management.
The products presented in this collection have been designed and manufactured taking into account the user needs related to the various territorial contexts, the demands of those who administer and those who use the common goods, all with particular attention to environmental impact.

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Bellitalia Big Belly

Big Belly

Big Belly is the first and only system for compacting waste solar-powered and wireless, that allows you to manage solid waste, combining respect for the environment and cost containment.
Big Belly allows packing an enormous amount of waste by using solar energy. Even in the absence of direct exposure to sunlight Big Belly it is capable of operating an entire week.
Big Belly falls within the parameters of the approved environmentally friendly products and awarded by the European Committee for Environmental Protection, and therefore subject to the eco-incentives.

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