The Coculo Terenzio and Sons organizes and optimizes outdoor spaces, using and improving the available elements manage to get some pleasant places to live always.
Drawing on the expertise in the field is possible, depending on the space, interpret the various souls.
We take care of Study and design outdoor spaces, reflect the traditional architectural style of the building, offering safety and comfort.
The attention to detail and the study of scenery will make your outdoor space a place that will offer wonderful experiences of relaxation in touch with nature.
The corner where you feel transported, for the time they spent in atmospheres reminiscent of landscapes from around the world, places where you will love to return to experience sensations of pure wellbeing donated human essence which by its nature is at ease in contact with the environment.
Being outdoors is good for the body but also the spirit as it makes people happier.
And 'for this that our productions of outdoor space are successful, because a pleasure to design them thinking about the feelings of comfort that give you.